The Progressive Labour Party government looks set to face what could be a general strike later this month, unless Premier David Burt’s administration backs down on the issue of decertification and who gets to vote for it.

In a letter to the Premier, Bermuda Industrial Union President Chris Furbert, stated in no uncertain terms that a “two day shutdown” has been approved for August 30 and 31 by the union’s General Council unless the controversial clause was removed from the legislation.

The letter, dated Thursday, August 19, 2021, states: “The motion also includes that failure of the Government to make the necessary amendments to the 2021 Act then the Premier the Hon David Burt and the Minister of Labour, the Hon Jason Hayward, need to step down.”

The letter also states: “The BIU will be requesting our sister unions and the general public to join us in this two day protest.”

Meanwhile, Acting Premier Walter Roban said: “The call for a general strike is most unfortunate and unnecessary.

“The Government stands firm in its position that the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 2021 is fair and just,” he added.

“The Government has no intention of amending the legislation.”

The controversial amendment allow non-unionised employees to vote in union decertification ballots in the workplace.

Mr Furbert, who has already stated that Parliament’s approval was “truly a dark and sad day” for industrial relations in Bermuda.

On that note he said: “The forefathers of the PLP must be turning over in their graves at this great injustice that became law on June 1.