The Bermuda Industrial Union, headed up by President Chris Furbert, has fully endorsed the Progressive Labour Party on the eve of the upcoming General Election on July 18th. And they’re urging Bermuda’s electorate to vote for the party that puts Bermudians first next week.

In a statement issued this evening, the BIU reiterated their ongoing support for the PLP, particularly in the lead up to what is deemed as the “most important election” in Bermuda’s political history. And after reviewing the One Bermuda Alliance party platform, the BIU said: “We note that once again they have ignored labour.”

The statement continues: “The OBA has shown us time and time again during the last five years that they have no respect for Bermudian workers.

Bermuda Real File Photo
“We all remember Minister Bob Richards’ letter of January 2015 to the Bermuda Trade Union Congress when he arrogantly dared to give the labour unions an ultimatum regarding furlough days. Although the unions had tried to assist the government in trying to cut expenses, the unions’ proposal was rejected.

“The OBA government wants to stand on their record and it is a record of broken promises at the expense of the Bermudian people. They brag about paying for a $77 million boat race while hotel workers in several hotels across Bermuda were on lay-off including our members at the host hotel for America’s Cup, the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club.

“Now according to the latest survey it has been proven that it was not money well spent; it would have been better spent on improving children’s schools. We look at the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on frivolous lawsuits with taxpayers’ money that could have been used to upgrade our seniors’ facilities rather than cutting their grants year after year.

“The OBA government totally ignored a survey that said 75% of Bermudians were not in favour of giving away our airport and land for 35 years.

“The OBA government did not care as they were so adamant about getting the Airport Deal Bill passed that they crept into the House of Assembly in the wee hours of the morning hiding from the very people they now want to vote for them. It did not matter to them that defenseless seniors and others were pepper-sprayed so they could get what they wanted.

“We could list the many broken promises from the OBA’s 2012 platform, but social media and the PLP have pointed out to the public on numerous occasions over the last months and weeks.”

In closing, the BIU issued a rallying call urging the voting population to get out and vote on July 18th: “But most importantly vote PLP!”