Unionised bus operators emerged from an emergency meeting with management at the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) this morning, clearly with no resolution to their COVID safety concerns.

This after the Bermuda Industrial Union’s Executive Team advised drivers last night that the service will be shutdown as of 9am this morning, as first reported by Bermuda Real.

In light of the emergency meeting bus operators decided to keep the wheels rolling while waiting to hear of the outcome.

Shortly after that meeting, Bermuda Real obtained a copy of the Executive Team’s statement to their members.

The statement was sent out to members via email shortly after 12 noon.

It said: “The BIU Bus Division have at the present time have come to a decision to withdraw labour as of 12 noon today under the Health and Safety Act (OSHA REGULATIONS) 84 Section 1E.”

Due to the sudden surge of positive cases, the union set down a list of requirements moving forward, including:

  • Deep Cleaning & Sanitation: All common areas of the entire DPT complex including all buses
  • Testing for ALL Employees: Communication to Public Enforcement of passengers hand sanitizing and proper wearing of mask
  • No Clothing, Bandanas or Hankerchiefs – ONLY official mask to be worn

It was also noted that “the above was communicated to the management team”.

Bus operators were encouraged “as of noon with the service standing down that all employees utilize this time to go and secure COVID testing” at the following locations:

  • Clock Tower Mall
  • Penno’s Wharf
  • Bulls Head Car Park
  • Edgewood Pediatric (drive through)
  • Northshore Medical

They were also advised to “return all buses” to their sign on destinations and to “continue to practice safe procedures to reduce possible spread of COVID”.

Moving forward, the union said: “The Executive & Health and Safety Teams will update all as information unfolds.”