• The following Op-Ed was released by Progressive Labour Party MP Michael Scott…
Michael Scott, PLP MP in Sandys North

In their desperation they put short and what eventually was shown to be unsuccessful political gains, over the public purse and the best interests of Bermudians. They gambled big and now we have all been forced to face cleaning up the former non contrite Finance Minister’s mess .

The repercussions of the OBA’s irresponsible and reckless gamble are far reaching. First, there are Bermudian companies and Bermudian workers who are owed money. Second, our standing with Global Ratings Agencies have been threatened. Third, by backing a tourism project with so many problems, the OBA have also made the job of attracting more tourism investment to our shores even more difficult. A real mess right.

Yet former Finance Minister Richards, the author of the mess, has declared if he had to do it again he would do nothing differently.

In real terms though, they have made life more difficult for Bermudians. Just imagine where we would be if we didn’t have to clean up the OBA’s $165 million mess? Money that could have gone towards educating our people, training and retraining Bermudian workers, scholarships, building new schools, supporting our youth and providing relief to our seniors; all lost

The OBA paid the price for broken promises, deception and anti-Bermudian policies at the polls. Now they need to come clean about the Morgan’s Point deal and why they gambled with the future of Bermuda and against the best interest of Bermudians.

– Michael Scott