Bermuda’s PHC Zebras and the Pembroke Hamilton Club has received a double boost in sponsorship by Bermuda Healthcare Services (BHCS).

Executive Chairman and founder of BHCS, Dr Ewart Brown made the presentation at a news conference on Monday to announce that the $10,000 donated last year will be increased to $20,000 this year.

“For seven years, it has been an honour and privilege for Bermuda HealthCare Service to support PHC,” said Dr Brown. “Today, we are delighted to announce that the Board at BHCS have voted to double our annual contribution.

“In our opinion, PHC leads the way, not just in developing outstanding football players, but in developing outstanding young men and women off the field. We are pleased to continue our relationship with PHC and anticipate great things from this outstanding organisation,” he added.

PHC president Jonathan Ball on receiving the cheque, said the funds will the club to continue its objective “of being there for the community through sports, scholarships and service”.

“We are not just about creating good football players or cricket players, it is about developing the well-rounded athlete and because of these funds we can continue that mandate,” said Mr Ball.

Earlier this year, BHCS supported the Bermuda Invitational Permit Meet held at the National Sports Centre in April, by donating $3,000 to sponsor the 400 and 800 metre races. The event drew top athletes from the US, Canada, Nigeria and the Caribbean.

As a former track & field athlete who represented Bermuda in the 400 and 1600 metre relays at the Commonwealth Games, the former Premier urged other businesses and individuals to support local athletes and sporting events.

While making that presentation in March, Dr Brown noted that corporate/community sponsorship not only helps Bermuda’s athletes pursue “noble goals”, but it “adds to the strength of the fibre of our society” as well.

By Ceola Wilson