Plans submitted to the Development Applications Board (DAB) last week, could see shipping containers used to create 28 emergency housing units for Bermuda’s homeless population at the Salvation Army shelter later this year.

The Bermuda Housing Corporation (BHC) has applied to build two new buildings at the North Street facility in Pembroke using shipping containers, in what would be the first phase of a revitalisation project that started last year.

To ensure safety during hurricane seasons, the BHC plans to use the containers as a base to fortify the new units.

The two storey buildings will be built on the northeast section of the property to provide 14 bedrooms, using 10 shipping containers.

The second phase of the proposed plans, includes a new building and offices, anticipated to start this year, to be completed in 2022. And the third phase includes 30 semi-enclosed sleeping quarters and other upgrades, to be completed in 2024.

It was also noted that the BHC opted for a phased approach in a “less than stable” economic climate.

“The initial concept was presented to the Department of Planning in 2020 for in introduction and guidance,” a BHC document said.

“Shortly after the presentation the island unfortunately entered in a ’COVID‐19 Lockdown’. Nonetheless, research and design continued.

“The goal was to look at this modern alternative architecture to reduce costs per bed whilst elevating the quality of life on/at the Salvation Army Shelter’s campus.”

Two of the 28 units planned for the first phase of the planned development also includes two units with clearances for people with disabilities, including access for wheelchairs and accessible bathroom facilities, with showers on the ground level.

  • Top Feature Photo: Renderings of the proposed new units