The Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB), has created an online survey to garner patient input on their inpatient experiences and delays at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, in a bid to improve patient flow.

The 11-question survey is part of BHB’s 100-day challenge that started in December.

Scott Pearman, the CEO and president of BHB, explained the importance of the organisation’s endeavours in examining the efficiency of internal processes.

“Our longest delays are due to external factors, but the challenge we have set ourselves is whether the inpatient who was in hospital for seven days could have been discharged in five or six if our internal processes were more efficient,” said Mr Pearman.

“The 100-day challenge and survey feed into our larger people-centred care journey. While we are looking at our data to help us identify where improvements can be made, patients and their families have lived experience that can help illuminate issues that are impacting them.”

Keltie Jamieson, the chief hospital information officer, added: “This survey is available for people who want to provide details about their patient journey, and the 100-day challenge team is speaking with patients and their families while they are in hospital, so we fully understand and incorporate their feedback when making changes.”

She also noted that its electronic medical record system, Pearl, collates data and gives insight on what is happening around the organisation.

Judy Richardson, the chief of nursing and the executive sponsor of the challenge, said: “This challenge is about how we collaborate and work internally. From diagnostic imaging to the inpatient wards, environmental services to porters, lab services to individual specialists, we are asking our staff across areas to improve the patient journey.

“If inpatients need an MRI, for example, how can we make sure they are seen within a day of the referral? We can’t solve everything in 100 days, but the challenge is to learn and test as much as we can,” said Mrs Richardson.

The BHB will provide an update with the following month on the outcomes after the challenge finishes in March.

The survey can be accessed here.

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Top Feature Photo Supplied: 100-day challenge Command Centre Discussion, pictured left to right, BHB staff, Martin Maurais, quality manager; Olievia Martins, clinical informatics specialist; and Karen Raynor, clinical director of medical surgical services