Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) Nurse Practitioner Myrian Balitian-Dill is one of only a handful registered nurses who have attained nurse practitioner designation in Bermuda.

According to a BHB statement released earlier today, Ms Balitian-Dill is now “the first to be granted authority to write prescriptions locally”.

She received the news from the Bermuda Pharmacy Council on August 31.

A spokeswoman added: “Mrs Balitian-Dill is the only nurse practitioner at BHB.

“On obtaining her qualification she moved into a nurse practitioner role in the hosptial’s Cardiology Department.

“In November 2016 she transitioned to help set up a new service at BHB, the Patient-Centred Medical Home.

“The small dynamic team of this service also includes a physician medical director, a staff nurse and an office administrator.

“The setting provided the ideal environment for Mrs Balitian-Dill to be afforded the right to prescribe as Bermuda legislation dictates that prescribing rights can be granted to nurse practitioners ‘under the authority of a medical practitioner’.

“The new development is the result of several years of collaboration to ensure all the necessary regulatory documents were in place. Ms Balitian-Dill is pleased with the move and sees it as a starting point and an important way to help reduce healthcare costs.”

While the permission only exists under the direct supervision of a physician, she explained the benefits.

“I believe it makes the system more efficient. If the nurse practitioner can prescribe evidence-based therapy at point of care, why do we need to wait for another practitioner (physician) to prescribe that therapy?”

BHB Chief of Nursing Judy Richardson said she applauds “the path Myrian has taken in her nursing career”.

“Myrian is passionate about advanced nursing practice in Bermuda. Her work with the Patient-Centred Medical Home is yielding positive results.

“Early evidence shows improved health of clinic patients who had frequently used other services.

“Our Clinical Services Plan identified the need for a more diverse workforce which includes more advanced practiced nurses like Mrs Balitian-Dill.”

BHB CEO Venetta Symonds added: “We welcome this move by the Pharmacy Council and are proud of Mrian’s accomplishments and her dedication to provide our patients with the best possible care.”

  • The Patient-Centred Medical Home is an outpatient clinic within BHB created to provide a more coordinated, comprehensive and patient-centred approach to care to an un-insured