Six firefighters are being honoured by the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service (BFRS) for their ten years of service.

A BFRS spokesperson said: “A career in emergency services requires compassion and self-sacrifice. It can be extremely demanding, which is why we have to honor those who have reached significant milestones.

“It’s incredibly valuable to have long-serving staff and personnel who can pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of firefighters at The Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service.

“On behalf of all firefighters and staff, I thank all of our 10 Years of Service Firefighters for putting their community first and keeping Bermuda safe.

“These past 10 years have taken our firefighters on an incredible journey. They have been cross trained working on the Structural and Aircraft division. Also being EMT or EMT-I trained empowering them to being able to provide topnotch care on our Bermuda Fire and Rescue ambulance which runs out of the Clearwater Station.

“Their recruit course was intense and was designed to produce a professional fire service officer trained in a variety of disciplines. They are internationally certified firefighters as they have traveled abroad to the United States and Canada.”

Firefighter Allon Jackson said: “It’s been a honour to serve Bermuda over these past 10 years and wouldn’t change a thing. It’s been a lot of sacrifice away from family and friends at times but the most awarding part is knowing that I’m able to change someone’s life through my actions as a firefighter. It makes it all worth it.”

The spokesperson added: “Jackson also emphasizes that as much as he is appreciative of being recognized, he wants to salute all the dedicated and long-serving members of the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service who give their all daily. Reminiscing on his top career highlights, he can remember like it was yesterday as his recruit class raced over to the HWP fire to fight the blaze alongside veterans.

“Chief Fire Officer RL Burchall would like to express his personal appreciation for your achievement of this 10 year milestone. Loyal and dedicated employees like you are the foundation to any successful fire department. Thank you to FF Allon Jackson, FF Tyrell Burgess, FF Dwight Tucker, FF Ryan Desilva , FF Jamal Simons, and A/Sgt. Tristan Burchall for your contribution to our success.

“To the Class of 2011: your dedication, our gratitude.”

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