Caribbean Canada Emerging Leaders Dialogue: President of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences Canada Inc, HRH The Princess Royal Princess Anne hosted a formal dinner at Buckingham Palace in support of the 2025 Caribbean Canada Emerging Leaders Dialogue (“CCELD”) study Conference, a unique programme empowering delegates from across Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean to drive positive community impact. 

Edward Ball Jr JP and Tammy Richardson Augustus JP are alumni and Co- Chairs of the Bermuda Chapter of this esteemed programme.  To set the foundation for the 2025, the Co – Chairs attended planning meetings in the United Kingdom including a reception hosted by Canada’s High Commissioner in the United Kingdon The Hon Ralph E Goodale; a leadership forum staged by the CCELD Study Conference President’s Council; and a recognition dinner at Buckingham Palace hosted by HRH Princess Anne. 

Ms Richardson Augustus’, the first female delegate to represent Bermuda and the first intergenerational member (who followed in footsteps of her father the late Kenneth a Richardson CVO, CBE, JP) was one of two speakers invited to address the distinguished attendees at Buckingham Palace on her 2007 India conference experience and on her community projects (including her domestic abuse advocacy and surmounting the legal obstacles to justice that victims face).   Ms Richardson Augustus exemplifies what is at the heart of the CCELD programme – namely, the consistent curiosity to uncover what is possible and to combine duty and responsibility. 

Under the 2025 Conference theme ‘Impact-Driven Leadership: Creating Positive Change In Our Communities, 100 emerging leaders from private, public, labour, arts, education, environment, indigenous, health, and civil society  will be selected  from across Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean will convene  for a three-day opening plenary in Toronto in May 2025, followed by a four-day study tour across select countries of the Caribbean and a closing plenary.   

Mr Ball Jr and Ms Richardson Augustus are in the throes of canvassing for the Island to be selected to host a study tour.  They are also seeking to identify aspiring leaders to represent Bermuda at the conference.

The 2025 Conference will provide candidates with  experiential opportunities which develop peer-to-peer critical leadership competencies, explore cultural intelligence, presented with complex problem solving, ethical decision-making, collaborative negotiation, inclusion and diversity, promotion of innovation and conflict management.

Other esteemed Bermuda alumni include: Kit Astwood, Naurice Bean, Kenneth A Richardson CVO, CBE, JP, Earlston Whitter, Edgar ‘Snowy’ Brimmer; Keith R Jensen, John Harvey MBE, Michael J Spurling MBE, Donald AM Scott, JP, The Hon David Dodwell Jr, The Hon Terry Lister, JP, Darren Johnston, Neville Grant, Kevin Grant, Renee Foggo Paynter, The Hon Jason P Hayward JP, Nikkita Scott, Kristin White, Ronaldine Burgess, Tami Ray, Larissa Burgess, Lloydquita Symonds, Eugene Ball, Gabrielle Cann, Denise Saunders,  Kanhai Woolridge. 


HRH The Princess Royal Princess Anne “Experience has shown that the Commonwealth Study Conferences are a force for good. Participants are exposed to new experiences, new arguments, and diverse perspectives so that the quality and relevance of their decision-making is improved through a broadening of their exposure to different approaches

Edward G Ball Jr, JP

It is important that any chosen applicant takes advantage of the opportunity and then applies their experience to assist with Bermuda’s community initiatives – it’s an experience of a lifetime…

Tammy L Richardson Augustus, JP

“A hallmark of every CSC changemaker is the ability to forge invaluable partnerships.  I have certainly deployed this skill in my efforts to enhance Bermuda’s domestic abuse prevention framework.  I have leveraged the eminent alum network, worked alongside advocates drawn principally from the UK and Canada and…continue to work tirelessly to lessen the obstacles to justice that victims experience”