Alexander Deltoro Jr, 28 – Image: Broward Sheriffs Office

Sun Sentinel: Margate, Florida: A young Bermudian man was formally charged with fatally shooting his mother during an argument with his parents after his birthday celebration in South Florida on Sunday night.

Police say the incident occurred when Alexander Deltoro Jr’s mom stepped in between her son and husband, trying to break their fight.

Sun Sentinel reports: “Now she’s dead and her son is in jail, accused of shooting her in the face.”

The 28-year-old former CedarBridge Academy student and gas station attendant was charged with manslaughter and illegally carrying a concealed firearm.

According to the report, police say: “Deltoro had gone out with his family on his 28th birthday on Saturday, and he was wrapping up the evening by heading home with them in a car,.

“While riding home, Deltoro and his father, Alexander Deltoro Sr, got into a verbal argument. Deltoro struck his father in the face.

“When they arrived home, it got worse with Deltoro and his father shoving each other. At one point, Deltoro’s dad pinned his son’s left arm behind his back and wedged his son up against a concrete wall. During the tussle, Deltoro’s glasses fell from his head, leaving him unable to see.

“Police say Deltoro tried to grab his Glock handgun inside his right waistband during the argument, when Deltoro’s mom stepped in to separate her husband and son. Then Deltoro fired a single shot from his gun — a shot meant for his father — hitting his mother in the face.”

Judge Jackie Powell told the defendant: “The allegations in this case are — there’s no word for it.”

Bail was set at $101,000 Monday morning.

“Deltoro kept his head bowed during most of his appearance in court Monday morning. He has no criminal record, a prosecutor said in court Monday,” the report said.

“Mr. Deltoro is in an argument with his parents and brings a gun to the argument and we’re here today because now his mother is deceased,” Judge Powell said.

The report added: “If Deltoro were to bond out of jail, Powell set a series of restrictions for him, including not letting him have any weapon or have contact with his father.”