Bermudian artist Sharon Wilson is set to launch a new eibook co-authored by Dr Margot Kerry Harvey at Gallery One Seventeen later this week.
The Front Street studio launch will be held on Friday, March from 5:30pm until 7pm.
‘The Protectors’ is a problem solving book written for Bermudian children.
When contacted by Bermuda Real, Ms Wilson said: “It has little to do with math, word searching or anything in that vein.
“It is designed to encourage children to think about a variety of situations we encounter in our everyday lives.
“It is not a story book. It is not a book to be given to a child for them to read alone. It needs a guide to seriously ask ‘what might you do? Ahh, I see…and how do you feel about that?’
“As the title suggests, Protectors looks at the need for everyone to be cared for beginning with ourselves. ‘The Protectors’ respects children’s opinions and encourages them to talk about feelings.
As an educator, author and artist, she added: “We believe that if we want children to become better thinkers, we ought to begin to give them interesting things worthy of the effort of serious thought.”
The book is also “great for group discussions and is designed for children from the age of six to 13.
Overall, she said: “We wanted a book that was warm, a book which reflected Bermuda life and subtle culture.
“We wanted pictures which were comforting. We thought a lot about what it was like to grow up reading books that were written for audiences whose culture and sense of community were so removed from our own.
“We wanted this one to be familiar.”
Publishing ‘The Protectors’ as an e-book allowed the authors “to include pdf worksheet files to complete the experience”.
The book signing and launch at Gallery 117 will also feature selected works by Sharon Wilson, available for sale at the signing. Enquiries about commissions are welcome. That’s this Friday, March 1 from 5:30pm until 7pm.
For more information email, call 295-1783, or visit their website at And Congratulations to you both Sharon Wilson and Dr Margot Kerry Harvey!