The Bermuda Urology Clinic will host their first meet and greet event on Monday, December 11th, at the Hamilton Princess Hotel.

The event will feature Dr Abdull Musbahi, Director at Bermuda Urology Clinic, who will address the topic ‘Changing the Face of Bermuda Urology in 2017’.

A spokesperson said: “Dr Musbahi, who is a Libyan national, has practiced in the  UK for the past 30 years and has distinguished himself as an extremely experienced senior consultant in the UK, Qatar and Libya and surgeon specializing in disorders of the kidney, prostate and the urinary tracts of men and women.”

Dr Musbahi, who has also lectured worldwide, has published several papers in his field, following extensive work in the treatment of urinary stones as well as the management of urinary incontinence in women including Botox injections.

It was also noted that in 2008, “the Government of Qatar asked Dr Musbahi to establish a Urology Department at the new Al-Ahli hospital in Doha”.

Cocktails and refreshments will also be served from 6pm with presentations to follow.

For more information on the Bermuda Urology Clinic meet and greet and to RSVP contact the Brown-Darrell Clinic on 297-3332 or send an email to