Bermuda’s Ombudsman Ms Victoria Pearman said today, she was “honoured to have been elected to represent the Caribbean region and to assume the role of President of the Caribbean and Latin American region of the International Ombudman Institute [IOI]”.

A spokeswoman said: “In this role she will participate in meetings of the IOI Executive Committee and work closely with the two Directors for Latin America to manage regional matters and coordinate activities.

“The IOI is the global organisation of 191 independent ombudsman institutions from more than 100 countries and is organised into six regional groups.”

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the IOI “promotes accountability and efficiency in public sector institutions and offers expertise in good governance”.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, Ms Pearman said: “I thank my colleagues for entrusting me to represent us.

“I do not take their trust for granted and pledge to work with my fellow Directors to strengthen ombudsmanship, share best practices and cooperation in our diverse region.”

Asked whether the new appointment will require much time due to travel and meetings, she said: “Fortunately, technology will enable me to conduct meetings without having to travel as frequently as would otherwise be required.

“The next annual meeting will be held in Mexico in May.”

She also extended a “sincere” thank you to “members of the public, friends, family and countless international colleagues for the many well wishes received.

Ms Pearman also currently serves as the President of the Caribbean Ombudsman Association [CAROA], which will be holding its upcoming 10th Biennial Conference in Bermuda in May 2019.

Established in 1998, CAROA is a member-based organisation of Ombudsman offices in the Caribbean region.

It was also noted that “Ombudsmen work to promote fairness, accountability and good public administration”.

“Representatives from Ombudsman offices from across the region will assemble here to share knowledge and best practice.

“The conference will focus on strengthening the role and performance of the ombudsman and human rights institutions in the Caribbean and Latin America.

“Following the conference there will be a training led by Dr Victor Ayeni a well-known international authority on the Ombudsman and related oversight institutions and a former Director of Governance and Institutional Development at the Commonwealth Secretariat.

“The training will focus on advancing the Ombudsman’s impact, role, service and performance.”