One week ago today, on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Bermuda’s martial arts community gathered in full gear at Albuoy’s Point Park, to bid a final farewell to O-Sensei Frederick ‘Skipper’ Ingham.

Fondly regarded as an Icon and the grandfather of Karate in Bermuda, martial artists paid tribute to the sensi they had come to love and respect over the years with the loved ones he leaves behind.

Mr Ingham is survived by his wife Kristina, a loving father to Zenji and Shomeiko Ingham, grandfather to Seiji Wallington-Ingham and Kenji Ingham and step grandchildren Charlie and Kayla Calveley, sister Sara Doyling, nieces Michelle Durrant, Debbie Martin, Esperanza Foggo and Trina Doyling, several great nieces, great nephews, cousins and numerous other relatives and friends.

The memorial service was aired live via social media. The ashes of Mr Ingham’s remains were scattered at sea.

May He Rest In Eternal Peace

Photos Courtesy Of TNN