Bermuda’s entertainment family of musicians and vocalists joined a host of relatives and friends mourning the loss of well known singer, author and record label owner, LA Virgil-Maldonado, who sadly succumbed to a long battle with cancer.

Ms Virgil-Maldonado, whose battle against brain cancer spanned nearly two decades, died on Sunday.

The well known singer’s long fight to defy her terminal illness featured prominently in the local media over the years, covering her personal spiritual journey, that she documented in a book entitled ‘My Book is My Story – Surrendering My Journey to the Holy Spirit’, in addition to various performances and fundraising campaigns to support her ongoing medical needs.

Well known on the local entertainment circuit Ms Virgil-Maldonado was also a journalist, who was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour in 1999. Shortly after her diagnosis, she was informed by surgeons that they were unable to remove all of the tumour. Eventually, she developed another form of cancer, in addition to other health problems..

Despite her battle, she pressed on with her career, and started her first record label after moving to Philadelphia.

In a published interview printed in the daily newspaper, Ms Virgil-Maldonado said that she wanted to tell her story, and that “she thought God was letting her ‘stay around’ to provide hope to other people”.

“For me I’m a keep it real Christian,” she said. And as a singer, she added: “The greatest bond we share through our lives and music is love.”

On behalf of Bermuda Real we extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to LA’s family and many friends. She embodied a bright, captivating spirit and soul and will truly be sadly missed.

  • Gone to Soon, Farewell Long-Time Sister/Friend, No More Pain, Rest In Peace