Bermuda’s Doppler Weather Radar System will be out of service this Thursday (March 12) from 7am to approximately 8pm to facilitate “planned maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule”.

The announcement of the temporary shutdown was made today by the Bermuda Airport Authority.

The new $2 million radar system, commissioned last July and hit with teething troubles in its first few months, will be offline from 7am to 8pm for servicing.

Lester Nelson, the BAA Chief Executive, said: “I am pleased to report that since November 22, 2019, weather radar system availability has been 96 per cent.”

Located on Cooper’s Island, the radar system encountered several unplanned outages between July and November 2019, which have since been resolved.

The upgraded weather radar replaced the original system installed in 2004.

The airport authority said the radar system remained under the manufacturer’s warranty.