Mixed results in the first stage of a grueling race in Guatemala where Bermuda’s contingent start their days at 5am “to pack and eat before transport to the day’s stage”.

According to Peter Dunne, President of the Bermuda Bicycle Association, racing starts at 9am for more than three hours before “another transfer to a new hotel, preparation for the next day’s race, eat, meet with the team and off to sleep”.

“We will repeat this for five days. The first stage of the race was about 135 kilometers,” said Mr Dunne.

“Our team had a mixed result, with Alexi Costa of Trinidad and Tobago finishing 10th in the bunch sprint against some very strong competition.

“The other end of the results was Caitlin Conyers who crashed with about 35 kilometers to go and struggled to get across the line before the time cut.

“Unfortunately she didn’t make it in time and was removed from the remaining four stages.This is unfortunate for Caitlin and the team but it will be another series of experiences which will help her in the Pan Am Games road race later in the summer.

“Nicole Mitchell also was involved in the crash but was able to get moving again and rolled in just over seven minutes behind the leaders.
“Our remaining three teammates all finished, with Juana Fernandez of Domincan Republic turning in a great effort to be just over two (2) minutes behind the leaders.
“Donelys Cariño and Lisa Groothuesheidkamp survived to take to the start line for Stage 2.
“The second stage was a tough one, racing at over 2,200 meters altitude and involving several difficult climbs,” said Mr Dunne.
“All five riders held on to finish in the time cut and are beginning to get a feel for how the peloton is racing and how to maximize their efforts.
“This team is a development project designed to give riders from the Caribbean the opportunity to compete in events that are outside of their normal reach and so far it has proven to be of value for all the riders.”
Now it’s on to Stage 3, which Mr Dunne said “is an even higher elevation and 90 kilometers in length”.
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