Just months after becoming the island’s first airline flying to three destinations with two leased aircraft, BermudAir has cornered a feature in the Wall Street Journal.

The new airline, referred to as “the British island territory’s first home grown carrier”, was featured as a start-up carrier in an article on alternatives to long-standing airlines.

Profiling “four upstarts taking to the skies”, which includes more than 300 international airlines, the article stated: “Though behemoths dominate the industry, some bantamweight contenders stand out as viable alternatives.

“Their pitch: These (mostly new) boutique airlines, which limit flights to just a few strategic destinations, promise not only savings but a better ride.”

The article goes on to say BermudAir “launched last summer to offer American vacationers more options”, including plans to add Orlando and Baltimore flights to its roster.

One-way fares from the US were said to range between $99 for coach to $399 for business class.

“Coming later this year: a front-of-the-plane “Aisle Class” which, as its name suggests, will have wider, pod-like seats with universal aisle access throughout the business-class cabin.”

There was glitch however, the report also said: “All flights land in Hamilton.”