The overnight low in Bermuda dipped down to 50ºF overnight, but with the windchill factor, it felt more like 40ºF, which traditionally, is cold for Bermudians at heart, when compared to other regions.

Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service say there were no reports of hail as of 9am on Sunday.

But Duty Forecaster Alex Young said: “Maybe there could have been hail while people were sleeping.”

Rainfall for the month remains below average, despite a half an inch of rainfall overnight, and roughly the same amount in the local area over the past few days, which amounts to .66′ below average.

The recent cool temperatures were attributed to a cold front that approached the local area late Wednesday night/early Thursday from the US eastern seaboard.

The weather overnight was a result of a trail trough behind that cold front, which passed through the local area by Friday.

According to Mr Young, the worst of it has since passed and skies are expected to clear throughout the day today.

By 5:30am temperatures had climbed back up to 59ºF.

The forecast for Sunday: “Conditions will begin to stabilise and settle later this morning with showers slowly easing, then finally clearing during the latter parts of the afternoon.

“Looking ahead into the new week, expect temperatures to gradually increase with light to moderate winds thanks to an approaching high pressure system from the west.”