The following open letter to Premier Michael Dunkley, dated June 27th, 2017 was sent by Bermuda Union of Teachers General Secretary Mike Charles and copied to Bermuda Real this evening, the day after the end of the 35th America’s Cup:

Congratulations Mr Premier!

You made it happen…

When others doubted – you stood firm;

When extra space was needed – you created land space out of the ocean!

You entertained and catered to the rich and famous;

You delivered our island home into their hands;

You neglected our children;

You neglected their future;

You neglected our Public Schools;

The “event” is over – What Now?

Can we expect the same excitement about our schools?

Can we expect equal care and attention?

Do our schools reap any benefits?

* Any Supplies?
* Any Equipment?

Can we expect safe schools, healthier schools?

* Schools without mold;
* Schools without bird mites;
* Schools without plumbing problems?

Can we expect the schools that our children deserve?

In 2012 you claimed that our schools were in crisis; you promised solutions.

It is now 2017 – what have you accomplished?


Michael A Charles, JP, HLD