The Bermuda Sloop Foundation is hoping to raise at least $100,000 this year, in the 7th Annual Pirates of Bermuda Fundraiser to fund student voyages on board Spirit of Bermuda.

More than 4,000 have participated in the programme to date, as student crew “experiencing expeditionary learning and character-building through sail training”.

A spokesperson said: “Increased awareness and and responsibility and the benefits of teamwork, learning the importance of protecting our marine environment, Bermuda’s maritime history, and gaining self confidence are among the many benefits students receive during their voyages on Spirit.

“Thanks to Bermuda’s generous community of individual and corporate donors, Bermuda Sloop Foundation has now been offering these programmes to Bermuda’s middle school youth for 11 years.

“Funds raised from this event contribute towards student voyages locally and overseas,” she added.

“We invite everyone in Bermuda (and supporters overseas) to visit to find their favourite hostage(s) and contribute towards BSF’s biggest fundraiser of the year.”

“In this 18th century re-enactment, Bermuda’s Governor, John Rankin, has authorized privateers by Letter of Marque to kidnap community members for their riches. The hostages have until Sunday, March 18th, to raise enough ransom to be released (at least $2,500) or they will have to walk the plank.

Call 737-5667 to donate towards a hostage’s ransom or towards making them actually walk the plank.

All are invited to join the fun at this free event at Albuoy’s Point on Sunday, March 18th from 2pm to 4pm.

There will be food vendors, music, entertainment and more throughout the afternoon, and contributions towards SINKING or SAVING hostages may be right there on the day as well as throughout this month.