Kite-flyers reminded to observe airport zone safety restrictions limiting kite height in the area to 30m max this holiday season. 

News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Bermuda Skyport Corporation Limited would like to remind the public of kite flying restrictions in effect and warns against flying kites that could potentially be a hazard to aircraft, particularly near takeoff and landing sites.

To ensure the safety of passengers and the general public, Skyport advises that kites should not be flown more than 30 metres (approx 100ft) above ground in the Ferry Reach area, along Kindley Field Road, and the Clearwater area of St David’s. These areas are located near LF Wade International Airport, and if kites are flown in these areas, they could end up in the path of aircraft as they approach or take off from the airport.” 

Jason Inniss, Director of Airport Operations at Skyport, shared: “We encourage residents to enjoy Bermuda’s beloved Easter traditions safely. Our guidance on maximum kite height near the LF Wade International Airport is to ensure public safety throughout the Good Friday celebrations. Our objective is to ensure safe aircraft operations and avoid instances where kites could be ingested into aircraft engines while landing or taking off from the airport.” 

The Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013 (AN(OT)O) sets limitations on kite flying height. Kites must not be flown at a height of more than 30 metres (approx 100ft) above ground level within the aerodrome traffic zone of an aerodrome during the notified operating hours of that aerodrome and must not be flown at a height of more than 60 metres above ground level without the permission of the Governor.

For more information about kite-flying restrictions, please contact Bermuda Skyport at 441-444-4400.