The following statement was released this afternoon (Nov 9) by One Bermuda Alliance MP Susan Jackson, the Shadow Minister of Transport…

Significantly Delayed  

Bermuda road users are being held hostage by dangerous road conditions created by delays on Harbour Road between Highwood and Lovers’ Lane. Bermuda’s roads are dangerous enough without incomplete road works adding to dangerous corners and slippery road surfaces. 

Harbour Road construction delays now face further delays caused by a property dispute that should have been addressed before the project began. Why hasn’t Public Works completed its due diligence and identified any conflicts with neighbouring property owners, increased road safety risks and weather delays before starting the project?  

Government must be held responsible and acknowledge the burden placed on tax payers who have to pay the price for the delays from private property disputes and dangerous road conditions. Back in March, a concerned road user suggested hiring a private (marine) contractor to complete the project and reduce the impact on traffic. If the Government is genuinely listening to the community, please explain why these suggestions were not adopted? Road users deserve an explanation. 

The One Bermuda Alliance questions why this project wasn’t included in the infrastructure plan and why an impact assessment didn’t address property infringements, weather delays and dangerous traffic conditions? It’s time for Government to acknowledge their mistakes, publicly announce policy improvements, make amends for delays and allow traffic to flow freely.