Concerned by the “marked increase” of road traffic accidents, the Bermuda Road Safety Council (BRSC) has renewed the call for motorists to practice care, caution and courtesy on our roads.

Over the past weekend alone, there were “four (4) reported collisions varying from a single vehicle to a three (3) vehicle crash”.

PLP MP & BRSC Chairman, Dennis Lister III

BRSC Chairman Dennis Lister III, said: “This marked increase in collisions is of concern to the Road Safety Council, as it should be to the community.

“We, as a community, need to do all that we can to focus on the driving task and avoid distractions.

“We must encourage our friends and families to decrease their speed and not to drink and drive.”

He appealed to motorists to “take five seconds before turning on the ignition to truly focus on the task at hand” and “consciously decide that you want to reach your destination alive and unharmed”.

“Please fasten those helmets properly, put cell phones out of reach, decide not to speed or overtake,” he added.

“The BRSC wants you to THINK about your life and your family and friends, CHOOSE to be a safe road user so that you can LIVE to make a meaningful contribution.”

On that note, he concluded: “Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Be smart – do your part!”