A round table discussion forging new ties was held last weekend with the Bermuda Reserve Police, the Royal Bermuda Regiment and St John Ambulance on the topics of recruitment and retention.

The discussions presented the three organisations with an open forum to talk about the challenges that they each face regarding recruitment and retention of personnel.

There was full and robust discussion about:

  • Operation and Life in each Organisation
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Training Initiatives
  • Retention Activities
  • Strategic Next Steps

With a better understanding of how each agency functions and with more insight into their operational processes, it was agreed that going forward the three organisations would each commit to the sharing of ideas, strategies and information.

This was the first of what will be continued efforts to have combined organisational meetings, joint recruitment and training sessions and increased social interaction among the Bermuda Reserve Police, Royal Bermuda Regiment and St. John Ambulance. 

  • Photos courtesy of Dexter ‘Fudge’ Flood