Coming soon and streaming live on their YouTube Channel at 7pm Bermuda time on Cable TV Channel 82 on Monday, January 31, 2022.

Be sure to watch Bermuda Real: One On One with Former Premier Dr Ewart Brown, with yours truly.

This is the very first episode of what will be monthly television/website REAL NEWS presentations by ccBIGG Productions in collaboration with Crimson Multimedia and Cable Channel 82.

We’re broadening our reach by offering it on TV for our seniors in particular, who don’t do tablets, laptops, or news websites on the internet for that matter. Over the years they have been more than vocal about their lack of access to So, this move is especially for our seniors!

Once we land the support through sponsorship, we hope to go bi-monthly – all that’s still in the works.

The bottomline: “You get what you pay for and nothing from nothing leaves NOTHING!

On that note, for the RECORD: “This is NOT a HOBBY! This is about Business & Livelihood!

To all of those who answered the call for financial support to get us up to this point by helping to reach this goal – you know who you are – THANK YOU!

Your support and consideration is greatly appreciated ALWAYS! You’ll be hearing more on how to support the public’s right to know moving forward.

In the interim, if you thought the interview with the Reverend Nicholas Tweed was captivating – all I can say about this one coming up is: “Get ready, get yourself settled in, sit down and be prepared to be genuinely engaged – don’t blink and don’t be late!

We recorded this interview last Monday, January 24, in studio at Channel 82, prior to the PLP Senator’s resignation and the announcement of the petition in support of Dr Brown, which was also discussed.

Apart from airing and streaming live on Cable TV Channel 82 on Monday, January 31 at 7pm Bermuda time, the interview will also be published and posted on for global viewing, in the interest of posterity and beyond, anytime after showtime.

In the interim, WATCH this SPACE and See You There!