This November 2020 Bermuda Real will be seven-years-old from concept to this, now we’re heading for our first decade on our own stage – FINALLY!

Lord knows it hasn’t been easy, but we’re still standing on what started as a vision and turned into reality. But not without a lot of help, love and support from friends and family AND our sponsors. And the good news is we are still growing steadily, going onward and upward.

In that regard, we take this opportunity to express a very warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to Marc Bean and family for stepping up to join our list of proud sponsors. Welcome aboard Paradise Games!

And THANK YOU Carmen and Belinda Cyrus, owners of Bermuda School Uniforms now back open after the COVID-19 lockdown.

For your constant support from the outset – THANK YOU Neletha Butterfield, founder of CARE Learning Centre.

And for trucker’s like Paul Wilmot of Wilmot’s Trucking and my Cedar Hill, Warwick family – you know the deal!

To Mr and Mrs David and Beryl Furbert of Mr Chicken! You are appreciated more than you will ever know!

To Michael Dunkley and Dunkley’s Dairy and your brother (the one in charge) without you and a very generous anonymous sponsor we would not have been able to produce our feature on the Real History of Somerset Cricket Club and Cup Match two years ago.

That production, by the way has yet to be completed – still need funding for production and still a work in progress. But then again, there’s no Cup Match this year, so I have another year to reach that goal.

Last but not least – THANK YOU Dr Ewart Brown of Brown-Darrell Clinic and Bermuda Healthcare Services for keeping it real for Bermuda Real for the past few years.

To all of our sponsors over the past seven years – far too many to list – just know that without you we don’t grow AND we’re growing steadily.

Next time you see them let them know that you check for Bermuda Real because we Keep It Real!

Let them know how you feel about that on our behalf because this is our livelihood. And we can’t buy groceries with appreciation, which also does not pay bills.

Any time you want to make your support known – let us know! We don’t do this for SHOW! It’s a CALLING!

But more importantly – because of all of them we’re still standing STRONG & Heading for TEN YEARS! Truly Grateful & Thankful!

CEO-la Wilson – Big GRIN!