News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Bermuda Principles Foundation is now a registered charity and is listed as
Number 1012.
On the UN International Day of Education, I am delighted to officially launch our fully registered science outreach charity. The Bermuda Community Foundation was gracious to let us incubate under them from our founding in May 2016,” explained Dr Carika Weldon, Executive Director of The Bermuda Principles Foundation.
We were able to establish ourselves in the community which served as a great springboard into obtaining our own status. I personally thank Myra Virgil and her team for making this progress possible. With our newfound status, we can broaden our impact through new and exciting programs.”
Inspired by the backdrop of a genetics conference which took place in Bermuda in February 1996, where the Bermuda Principles policy was created to ensure all gene sequences remain freely public, Dr Weldon decided to build upon this exciting aspect of
our heritage. This resulted in the formation of The Bermuda Principles Foundation, the only science outreach charity based on the legacy of The Bermuda Principles.
The Bermuda Principles Foundation’s primary objective is to expand science-based opportunities for Bermuda’s next generation of scientists. The charity has established five main aims to support this objective: STEM Education; Genetics Research; Oneto-one Career Mentorship; Public Dialogue and Scientific Heritage & Bermuda Culture.
Having no role model I could associate with during my upcoming genetics career, I have made it my mandate to be that role model for all who can identify with me as a woman, as a diverse ethnic group, and from a country where science is not the norm. We endeavor to inspire the next generation of scientists so there is no longer a minority, explained Dr Weldon.
Through partnerships with other STEM organizations, schools and local businesses, the Bermuda Principles Foundation continues to develop a variety of initiatives to raise the awareness of science.
A spokesperson added: “We strive to educate the Bermudian public about the importance of science, how it impacts our daily lives and the varied opportunities available.”
Full details about the Bermuda Principles Foundation’s current and upcoming initiatives can be found on the charity’s new website at, including the upcoming school tour, conference and Awards Gala.
The public can also tune in to learn more with Dr Weldon every morning next week on Ocean 89 with The Captain, starting at
7:30am on Monday, January 27.
Further to developing a new website, we are pleased to announce that we have also launched our 2020 event app,” shared Dr Weldon.
“This is an exciting innovative way to receive live up-to-date alerts about the school tour, conference and info on Bermuda.
“Users can also post pictures on the event app as well as share stories on their personal social media networks. As we’re trialing this new technology out, we have limited spaces on the app. In addition to all our overseas users who are flying in for our conference, local Gala attendees and teachers, the first 40 people to download it will have full access.”
To fundraise, the Foundation has launched an online silent auction today, showcasing a curated collection of “Bermudian excellence”. Pieces range from jewelry to Bermuda experiences to science memorabilia, as well as many local artists talented work.
To insight enthusiasm the Foundation is launching a #STEMisME school video contest where the public can vote online starting next Friday. A joint STEM grub day with Planet Math will also be held on January 31, 2020 and February 7, 2020 at middle and high schools across the island to fund free math lessons and establish Bermuda’s first monthly genetics clubs in each participating school. Local businesses are also encouraged to host a grub day in support of these goals and indicate their involvement by emailing
Corporate sponsors and private donors can learn more about our newly launched patronage levels by visiting our website at Prospective donations can be made by direct transfer to our Clarien bank account (6000225185) or via the charity’s PayPal at
  • To contact Dr Weldon directly please email: and/or visit