Effective September 1, 2018, the Bermuda Police Service will no longer accept cash or cheques in respect of the payment for Clearance Certificates, Police Reports or Fingerprinting.
As of September payment for these services may be made at the Bermuda Government cashiers office located on the ground floor of Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street, City of Hamilton HM12.
A spokesman said: “When making payments, the client will be given two copies of the receipt (white and pink).  The original receipt (white copy) will be kept by the client.  The pink copy is to accompany any paperwork or request required in respect of the service.
“Customers may continue to remit payment via wire transfer at HSBC US Dollar account # 010-221125-511 or HSBC Bermuda Dollar account #010-221125-001.  Both accounts are in the name of the Accountant General.
“When making payment by wire, customers are required to email the transaction details (payment amount, payment date and transaction number) to Group-Finance@bps.bm, who will respond and confirm that payment has been received.  Payment is deemed received only when confirmed by Group-Finance.”