Bermuda police officers working with the world wide community, IFBB Pro Marina Pierre-Wilkinson and her veteran colleague Garwin Phillips, took time out to pose as guests at the St Lucia National Bodybuilding competition in June.
A spokesman said the competition was held on Saturday, June 23, where the officers “carefully synchronised” their duet.
“The routine didn’t only just take a lot of hard work and dedication to chisel out their well-defined bodies, but the artistic side of the sport was evident in their performance,” he said.
“Both Garvin and Marina knew they wanted to be police officers from high school, however it was policing which stimulated their passion for bodybuilding.  Both officers strongly believe; ‘Healthy Police Officers, Healthy Police Service, a Healthy Community’.”
Ms Pierre-Wilkinson added: Marina says “A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch if from others, be the carrier” (Tom Stoppard).
“The experiences rewards and demonstrates the kind of talent that is available in the Bermuda. The BPS has a modern gym facility and a fitness and wellness policy, thereby promoting a healthy environment.”
Photos Supplied by BPS