Photos: The Weather Channel

A tropical storm warning is now in effect for the local area but the good news is Bermuda now expected to escape the full wrath of Hurricane Teddy.

Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service say conditions will begin to deteriorate on Sunday as Teddy approaches from the southeast.

“Breezy conditions become increasingly windy with outbreaks of rain, showers, and the development of hazardous surf and swells.

As of 6am this morning Teddy 564 nm southeast of Bermuda, located at 24.9º N 58.2º W and moving northwest at 12 knots with maximum winds at 110 kt with gusts to 135 kt.

Its closes point of approach to Bermuda is forecast to be 153 nm to the ESE around 3am on Monday morning.

However forecasters say this system may move closer to Bermuda depending upon its track.

Hurricane Teddy has weakened to a Category 3 down from a Category 4 storm on Friday and it is expected to weaken further down to a Category 2 hurricane by the time it reaches its closest point Bermuda.

The Emergency Measures Organisation will meet at 1pm today to update the public on the latest information on Hurricane Teddy.

We’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, there will be a partial embodiment of the Royal Bermuda Regiment as police, the Parks Department and the Ministry of Public Works prepare for the storm.