Chris Furbert, BIU President

You’ve heard the discussion to date on what’s constitutes a living wage in Bermuda. And you’ve heard the unemployment numbers.

But have you heard the real breakdown on what those numbers really mean for Black families, who make up 52 percent of the population in Bermuda?

It’s no secret that the ‘Basket of Goods’ you paid ‘X’ dollars for a year ago, costs you even more this year.

It’s been the same old story over the years. And the toll of the constantly rising cost of living on this small island is taking on an ever increasing toll on families plagued by unemployment.

Hear the real breakdown from the man heading up the Bermuda Industrial Union, when President Chris Furbert, joins Bermuda News Syndicate, live in-studio, at 11:30am Wednesday, August 22, on Fresh TV and simulcast on the world stage via Facebook Live.

This is the follow-up interview to the two-hour discussion, recorded live in-studio last week with Elmore Warren on Fresh TV, with the immediate past President of the BIU, Progressive Labour Party MP and Deputy Speaker of the House, Derrick Burgess.

Mr Burgess spoke at length in the House of Assembly, during the debate on a Living Wage and the report submitted by the Joint Select Committee, headed up by Rolfe Commissiong. 

He noted that while we have finally started the conversation is a good thing, when it comes to economic disparity in this country and parity, the conversation is premature.

He also noted that the late Dr Barbara Ball, was known for ‘The Basket’ and the impact of what that basket of goods costs, when considering wage increases for unionised workers during her tenure.

Mr Burgess also represented figures contained in a report compiled in 2016, brought to his attention by Bro Furbert, who will be discussing those figures and what it all means in today’s terms, when he joins us on Wednesday.

Be sure to tune in when we crunch the numbers and discuss the real deal on what it all means for you and your families moving forward.

That’s live at 11:30am Bermuda time, Wednesday, August 22, on Fresh TV.

See you there!