News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Nomination Day Nomination Day for the upcoming Ordinary Municipal Elections was held yesterday (April 25) at the Seventh –Day Adventist Church Hall, King Street in The City of Hamilton.

At the end of Nominations, the result are as follows: Municipality of Hamilton For the Corporation of Hamilton, the Business Ratepayers’ election and Mayoral election were uncontested.

The winners in each category are: Business Ratepayers’ Councillors: John Harvey, Lawrence Scott, John Nicholas Swan and Dennis Tucker, Mayor Charles Gosling

Elections for the Business Ratepayers’ Councillors and the Mayor for the Municipality of Hamilton are not required.

There will be an election for the Municipal Residents’ Councillors, the nominees are: Jenefer Brimmer, Shawn Brown, RoseAnn Edwards, Henry Ming, George A Scott

Municipality of St George For the Corporation of St George, the Municipal Residents’ election was uncontested.

The winners are: Municipal Residents’ Councillors Tianny Butterfield, Elizabeth Christopher, N Garon Dowling, Jari Ming, Lynwood Trott, Allen Van Putten.

An election for the Municipal Residents’ Councillors for the Municipality of St George is not required.

An election will be held for the Mayor and the Business Ratepayers’ Councillors.

The nominees are: Mayor George Dowling III and Quinell Francis

Business Ratepayers’ Councillors: Mackeesha Curtis, Alfonso Harris and Dr Amne Osseyran

The Municipal Elections for both corporations will be held on May 11, 2023.