As part of Future Leaders Bermuda’s Community Give-Back programme, Bermuda Is Love will be hosting a School Clothing Giveaway at Berkeley School Field this Sunday (Ag 29) from 11:30am to 5pm.

A spokesperson for the group, said: “We are giving away school clothes for Harrington Sound Primary, Port Royal Primary, Somerset Primary, West End Primary, West Pembroke Primary, Bermuda Institute, Mount St. Agnes, Saltus, Warwick Academy, Sandys, Whitney, Berkeley, CedarBridge. We are also giving away school khaki and navy, shorts and trousers, for all ages and sizes. We are thankful to all the donations we have received from the wider Bermuda public to make this happen.

“Clothing is a basic human need and a human right. We believe every student should have equal access to affordable, sustainable clothing. Bermuda Is Love.

“Bermuda Is Love was created by a group of friends eager to make a positive impact on our community. Our mission is to promote responsibility and action for our community and the environment.”

For more information:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 732-1899
  • Facebook: BermudaIsLove
  • Instagram: bdaislove
  • Twitter: bermudaislove
  • TikTok: bermudaislove‚ÄĚ