News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Bermuda Government Golf Courses Board of Trustees announced a new management team to lead the government golf courses (Ocean View & Port Royal). Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Kim Swan, proudly presented this new team 11months after taking over the Board of Trustees, by thanking the immediate past Chairman Derrick V Burgess and Neville Tyrrell for their stewardship prior, on which his trustee team were able to build on. 

The new team consists of:

Ms Thomassinna Hassell, Director of Finance, Administration & Human Resources (Ocean View & Port Royal)
Mr Jayson Jackson, Head Golf Course Superintendent (Ocean View & Port Royal)
Mr Steven Lambert, Head Golf Professional (Port Royal)
Mr Brian Morris, Head Golf Professional (Ocean View)

MP Swan stated: “ I must thank my fellow Trustees for their stewardship over the past 11months, navigating us through a difficult period with a myriad of issues. It is necessary for me to single out the work of Steven Lambert Jr. who was thrusted into a role as Acting Manager during perilous times  of COVID, and presiding when his mentor Mr. Greg Maybury passed away unexpectedly.

“ I am proud that the Trustee Board has become more diverse with two capable ladies added to our Board, but thank all Trustees who rolled up their collective sleeves and tackled the issues head on, which allowed us the opportunity to restructure and present this new team today. “

Chairman MP Swan continued: “ Personally, I am appreciative to have been afforded the opportunity to lead the Bermuda Government Golf Courses,  having been a product of both public golf courses as a junior, but also with prior extensive experience managing two government quangos simultaneously in the past.“

Swan declared: “Our aim is to make Bermuda Government Golf Course a global example for best practice in the operation of a government public facility, and to that end we turned to Bethpage State Park within the jurisdiction of State Government of New York for advice, were able to observe their operation and benefited immensely having made connections on a government to government level. We are eternally grateful to Mr Scott Matson and his team together with the Government of New York for agreeing to information sharing. We now have a Big Brother/Sister relationship with one of the greatest public golf facilities in America.  

“Our new management team will all report directly to the Board of Trustees at our monthly meetings, but are charged to meet on a weekly basis at a minimum, with the responsibility to work together as a cohesive team to provide good leadership at Bermuda government golf and for our staff.“