Sending a Special Shout Out to TNT, led by a long-time veteran comrade from early days in TV – James Talbot and his team at TNT Productions – who you will NEVER SEE on Camera! LOL!

To Fresh TV ‘de’  BEST TV EVER! Elmore Warren, I’m told I missed you when you skated by on Bermuda Day! I was too busy watching your coverage of the race! Absolutely Fantastic! And still don’t know how you do it – Scaur & Burnt House Hills ESPECIALLY!

To CITV, headed up by Jannell Ford, another long-time veteran comrade, who co-anchored the evening news back in our early days – won’t say what year – LOL! 

Having worked alongside of you for many years, I knew right away when I saw the groups stopping in front of Global House that YOU had everything to do with that! And I think I told you that! Good Stuff! 

The only negative with You & I and We Will NEVER AGREE on This & Bethanne Thomas is on MY SIDE Okay! You’re one of those Berkeleyites and we’re from Warwick Academy! Enough Said!

To Ernestine aka Lady T, I thought you were fabulous and even better this year with the Ever-Effervescent Gavin of Chewstick! He’s a beautiful SOUL with a wonderful SPIRIT!

The CHEMISTRY was slamming and WORKS – Love You Both & You Know This!

And Tina – We won’t bother to mention which school YOU went to! 

[Feature Photos in this Article Courtesy of Somerset Cricket Club’s Facebook Page – SCC – Home of the Cup Match CUP in Silver City – Where the CUP LIVES!]

I spoke with James on Sunday morning, to commend him as a fellow producer, who I will always consider brilliant, to say the shots from the roof of Global House were amazing! But then again you know this!

Thanks for talking me into my afternoon nap TINA! And that’s a good thing because my Bermuda Day started around 3:45am, which by the way is late for me!

Enjoy the rest of your first-ever three-day Bermuda Day holiday weekend!

From start to finish, the weather and all that – it was a BLAST!