Ministry of Transport officials announced today that the first quarter of 2024 marked a milestone for Bermuda’s cruise tourism industry.

Transport Minister Wayne Furbert, stated today that the island has “proudly welcomed an unprecedented number of visitors during this period”.

In terms of revenue generated from this sector of the island’s tourism industry, he said: “Bermuda anticipates hosting approximately 578,000 passengers throughout the year.”

In terms of dollars and cents, he said that translates into projections that amount to “a substantial revenue forecast”.

That forecast amounts to:

  • $172.4 million from passenger and crew expenditure
  • An estimated $26.4 million in passenger taxes
  • $12 million in transport infrastructure taxes
  • $7.7 million in visitor fees, and
  • $10.2 million
  • For a total of estimated economic activity of $228.7 million dollars into Bermuda’s economy underlining the economic vitality generated by our cruise sector

“In April, we anticipate 22 scheduled cruise ship calls, with an estimated 66,326 visitors expected to arrive, provided there are no cancellations,” the Minister added.

“Despite facing early winter storms, Bermuda has demonstrated resilience and strength, solidifying its position as a preferred cruise destination.”

As of today (April 2) through to Thursday, April 4, he said: “We welcomed the inaugural call of the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection ‘Evrima’ docking in the City of Hamilton.

“This brand is leading the way for a new era of ultra-luxury cruising,” said Mr Furbert.

“This call is a homeporting visit whereby 238 guests will disembark on Thursday morning between 6am and 10am.

“Approximately 228 guests will arrive by air to Bermuda to join the ship for departure on Thursday,” he added.

“The No 5 carpark on Front Street will be used for the disembarkation and embarkation process.”

The Minister also reiterated the statement he made in the House of Assembly on December 8, 2023, when he said: “Bermuda has not only weathered the storms but has emerged stronger.”

He concluded: “As we continue into the remainder of 2024, Bermuda remains committed to providing an exceptional cruise experience, ensuring every visitor leaves with unforgettable memories of our stunning island paradise.”