The Bermuda Boxing Federation (BBF) has released its strategic plan for the year ahead in 2018, which looks set to be a busy year.

The federation, which serves as the body responsible for local amateur boxing, promises a full boxing calendar next year, offering boundless opportunities for amateur boxers on both local and international platforms.

And “they are certain this week’s sold out Undefeated Fight Night will serve as the perfect start to the 2018-1919 season.”

In a statement released this morning, Federation President Nathan Dill said: “This year, the Executive has had the privilege of facilitating growth in both interest and support for the sport of boxing, specifically by way of our Youth Boxing Academy.

“We hosted the first fight of the year, ‘The Greatest’ and later ‘One World Boxing Festival and we can’t wait to take these experiences and implement further events and programs that will enhance the growth of amateur boxing in Bermuda.”

Dill continued: “We are also launching our training and fundraising initiatives as we seek to support local amateur athletes, as they vie to qualify and compete in various international events. These events include the  CAC Games, Pan Am Games and the 2020 Olympics.

“We have watched the growth of athletes like Andre Lambe and Tyler Christopher, who with the support of Rego’s gym, have confirmed their intent to participate in the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan.

“We are assessing and finalizing the training, funding and coaching necessary to make the dreams of our young athletes a reality. We must take the time to also thank the sponsors and supporters that made our 2017 progress possible,” he added.

International Hall of Fame Referee Steve Smoger, who will visit the island as guest referee in this Saturday’s bout between Bermudian Professional Boxer Nikki Bascome and Fabio Costa of Portugal, noted that “over the past several years”, he has had “the opportunity to see the growth and development of Andre Lambe and Tyler Christopher in the excellent amateur boxing program in Bermuda”.

“Under the expert guidance and tutelage of Main Coach Allan ‘Forty’ Rego and Assistant Coach Pelon Alvaro, the boxing skill set of these two fine young boxers has increased dramatically,” he said.

“The development of Andre and Tyler is a strong indication of the rise of the Boxing Federation and the potential of the Youth Boxing Academy in Bermuda.”

The BBF executive also encouraged the Bermuda community to throw their support behind boxing in Bermuda, as the program has proven its value in aiding the positive growth of the youth of Bermuda.

In the future, the program seeks to expand and offer development opportunities that will groom what they hope will evolve into the next wave of professional athletes in Bermuda’s Boxing arena.

  • Feature Photo Courtesy of DCI taken at LF Wade International Airport on the return of Nikki Bascome & Andre Lambe after training in Orlando, Florida with veteran trainer Mr Allan ‘Forty’ Rego
  • Other Photo Courtesy of Metamorphosis Consulting: Rising Amateur Boxing Star Andre Lambe & International Hall of Fame Referee Steve Smoger at Inter-Island Communications Studios