The Bermuda Alfresco Dining Festival will take place from September 17 to September 26, the BTA announced.

A spokesperson said: “In tourism destinations around the world, travellers are drawn to outdoor dining — perhaps more now than ever before. That’s why the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] is putting together the Bermuda Alfresco Dining Festival.

“It’ll be an east-to-west, island-wide, all-meals culinary celebration where any local restaurant with outdoor dining can register to participate. The BTA will promote the festival to visitors and locals, part of an ongoing inside-out marketing strategy designed to help Bermuda’s economy get going again while the return of travellers is gradual.

“The Bermuda Alfresco Dining Festival will take place September 17 to September 26. Any restaurant, food truck or pop-up eatery is eligible to register for the festival as long as they have outdoor seating for one of the following meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch or afternoon tea. Registration takes place via an online form.

“Eligible registrations received on or before July 29 can ensure they are part of the festival’s marketing. A missed deadline may result in missed marketing opportunities. We look forward to your participation.”

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