News Release: ST GEORGE’S, Bermuda – The Bermuda Airport Authority celebrated the Internaonal Day of the Air Traffic Controller on Thursday, October 20, 2022. This particular milestone is significant for a few reasons.

Bermuda Airport Authority CEO, Lester Nelson said: “This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Bermuda Airport Authority, and our provision of Air Traffic Control services at the LF Wade International Airport. This year is also notable for being recognized as the 100th year in which Air Traffic Control (ATC) has been a profession.

“Here in Bermuda, we are privileged to have a mix of seasoned experience and newly trained controllers in our ATC tower. Two of our controllers have each celebrated over 25 years of ATC experience in Bermuda, which started when the Government of Bermuda took over airport operations from the US Navy in 1995; in addition two former controllers are now serving on the Airport Authority’s leadership team. We have also been pleased with the hiring and training of three new Bermudian controllers in 2021. We acknowledge and thank our entire Air Traffic Control Services team, who direct the safe landing and takeoff for aircraft using the LF Wade International Airport – a vital Bermuda gateway to the rest of the world. The team also coordinates the safe movement of taxiing aircraft to and from the airport’s modern passenger terminal, executive jet, and air cargo facilities. In order to achieve the globally accepted ATC objectives of a safe, orderly and expeditious service our team are supported by the entire Airport Authority organisation who provide aviation meteorology, air traffic engineering, and facility maintenance services. The evolution of the air traffic service industry over the past century has seen significant technological change, a connual expansion of aviation regulation, and much collaboration between states globally to help ensure convenient and safe accessibility to the world for today’s traveller.

The Airport Authority held a celebration of the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller and the ATC centenary milestone on Thursday, October 20, 2022, at the organisation’s Southside campus, with special guests from within the Airport Authority and from our partner organizations.

About the Bermuda Airport Authority: The Bermuda Airport Authority delivers a range of essential air navigation services at the LF Wade International Airport (LFWIA) including air traffic control, air traffic engineering, aeronautical information and Bermuda weather services. As the owner of the LFWIA, on behalf of the Government of Bermuda, the Authority also oversees the performance of Bermuda Skyport Corporation Limited and its 30-year concession to operate, maintain and redevelop the airport. For further information, please