BELCO announced a new partnership with Northlands Primary School today, to support their Odyssey Programme.

“The Odyssey Programme is an afterschool club that meets once a week. The club provides an opportunity for students to engage in weekly activities with BELCO staff who provide students with hands-on learning experiences to teach both engineering and critical thinking skills. It is also an opportunity to create a learning and development pathway for students from Northlands who are interested in a rewarding career at BELCO.

The programme is designed for nine to eleven year-old students and provides awareness of BELCO operations as well as activities that focus on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. Some of the topics included safety in the classroom and home, infrared & ultrasound technology, sustainability, mechanical & chemical power generation, electricity transmission and distribution. The pilot programme has been a great success and will continue throughout the school year.”

BELCO President Wayne Caines said: “Our team at BELCO is thrilled to partner with Northlands Primary to continue the Odyssey Programme after a successful pilot last year. At BELCO we have a long and proud history of community partnerships and education, and we look forward to providing insight, skills, and exciting hands-on learning to students at Northlands Primary about everything we do at BELCO.”

Northlands Principal Mrs Tamicia Darrell added: “I look forward to continuing to partner with BELCO for the Kids Odyssey Program. I envision this afterschool club as an opportunity for our students to engage in weekly activities with BELCO volunteers who provide opportunities for our students to have hands-on learning experiences. These experiences include exposure to 21st-century skills that our students will need to be successful in the workforce.”