The winners of Belco’s annual Kite Safety Poster Competition were congratulated by the company this week after a host of P1 and P2 students designed their own posters to reinforce lessons on how to fly kites safely.

Belco representatives visit the island’s primary schools annually, to talk to young students about how electricity is generated and distributed, how to use energy efficiently and how to fly kites safely to avoid electrocution or accidents.

The students are then invited to submit posters to demonstrate what they have learned. BELCO judges select a winner in each category: Best Kite Safety Message, Most Beautiful Poster and Best Overall Poster.

Initially, the Best Overall Poster winner was meant to win a trip for the student’s entire class to visit BELCO and meet the BELCO Bird.

Additionally, the winning student’s teacher was due to receive $500 to spend on the student’s class.

Unfortunately, this prize was not possible due to the pandemic and resulting restrictions and school closures. Instead, the winner will now receive a $500 BELCO gift voucher for his or her family and the student’s teacher in the 2020/2021 school year will receive the $500 to spend on the winning student’s new class.

The winners of the Best Kite Safety Message and Most Beautiful Poster categories will receive congratulatory certificates.

“This year, the students submitted such outstanding posters that it was difficult to choose the winners,” stated Belco President, Dennis Pimentel.

“Although COVID-19 disrupted our original plans for the competition, we feel it is important to recognise and congratulate the winners now before the school year is finished.”

Mr Pimentel added: “The kite safety campaign is an initiative that is close to our hearts, as it educates children about the potential dangers of electricity. We thank everyone who participated in the competition and all the schools that welcomed us into their halls. When flying your kites, we hope you will remember to ‘Fly high but fly safe!’”

The company also noted that “if you recognise your child’s artwork” in the line up of winners but “have not heard from the school, please email to arrange prize collection”.