Belco retirees joined in restoration efforts today to get customers back on line in the wake of Hurricane Humberto last Wednesday.

As of this morning, some 8,094 homes were still without electricity – that’s down from more than 11,000 homes that were still without power on Friday.

A company spokesperson said: “We are very pleased this morning to welcome back old friends who are reuniting with us to restore power to affected communities.

“A number of recent BELCO retirees have joined the effort to repair the substantial damage to Bermuda’s electrical system sustained during Hurricane Humberto. Their extensive training means that they can hit the ground running.

“Their experience, skill and professionalism will help to further increase our capacity to address the remaining outages and bring households back online quickly and efficiently. This is even more important as we prepare to strengthen our systems and brace for the potential threat of Hurricane Jerry early next week.

Field crews used a dual approach to repair two remaining downed mainline circuits, while focusing on the following areas:

Area surrounding Tobacco Bay
Bailey’s Bay
Devil’s Hole
Shark Hole
Northshore: Near Shelly Bay Market Place
Northshore: Near First Church of God
Knapton Hill

Northshore Road: Near Gov’t House
Trimingham Hill
Pitts Bay Road

Spring Benny
Cobbs Hill
Long Bay Lane
Henry VIII

For those still without power, the company said: “If your area is not listed, do not panic!

“Your issues are also being addressed, both indirectly and directly. Due to the complex system of interdependencies that make up our electrical system, issues in the areas above need to be addressed before issues further ‘down the line’ can be fixed and households brought back online ([just as issues that have already been repaired were addressed before the areas above).

“Our crews are working methodically, efficiently, and as quickly as they can to bring the entire system back online.”