Hamilton, Bermuda 21 March 2019 – Bermuda Economic Development Corporation continues to grow.  The Executive Director, Mrs Erica Smith has appointed two new Directors, Mrs Jamillah Lodge, Director of Communication and Development and Mr Raymond Lambert, Director of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). The new Directors will help to deliver on the new strategic direction of the BEDC under the guidance of the Board of Directors.

Jamillah Lodge has worked as a member of the BEDC team for over ten years.  She began her tenure with the Corporation as a Business Development Officer where she supported local entrepreneurs with business support and guidance.  Always one to take on a challenge, when asked, Jamillah began managing the marketing and communication for the Corporation and introduced special projects, like the Global Entrepreneurship Week initiative which provided BEDC with increased visibility on a local and international scale.  The increase in demand for this type of support led to the creation of the Information, Education and Communication Officer role, which Jamillah assumed in 2015.  In this role Jamillah helped to further the BEDC brand and development of the local entrepreneurial eco-system including the creation of television and radio shows, Mind Your Business, to support BEDC’s mission to actively assist the development of a strong, well-managed, and prosperous local business sector in Bermuda.  In her own words, “If you don’t Mind Your Business, who will.”

As the Communication and Development Director, Jamillah brings her passion for entrepreneurship, creativity, project management, communication, presentation skills and can-do attitude to the newly developed unit within BEDC.  Said Jamillah of the opportunity, “I am thrilled to take on this new role and grateful to the Executive Director and the Board, for entrusting me with the challenge of firmly establishing BEDC as a key organisation in Bermuda.  Working with the BEDC team over the years, has given me tremendous joy and challenged me.  She continued, “I am excited to help cement BEDC as the premier organisation in Bermuda for all things entrepreneurship.”

Raymond Lambert started his tenure with BEDC in 2012 as the Economic Development Officer for the St Georges Economic Empowerment Zone (EEZ).  In his role, Ray supported local business owners with advice, guidance, and financial products, and he coordinated advanced community-based initiatives to create economic development tools for the continued development of the St George’s EEZ.  One such initiative is the St George’s Marine Expo which has helped to highlight St George’s and increase the opportunities for the businesses located within The Town.

With a solid foundation in tourism and hospitality and years as a successful entrepreneur in his own right, Ray’s combination of experience and civic participation has positioned him to take on the new role of MSME Director for BEDC providing a focused unit serving micro-entrepreneurs (vendors), small businesses and medium enterprises. This new unit will be the frontline in the Corporation to support entrepreneurs through their business life-cycle from ideation and startup to scaling and sustainability.

When asked about his new appointment, Raymond shared: “I am very excited to be given this opportunity to continue to support local entrepreneurs.  I look forward to using my experience and leveraging the progress that we have already made at BEDC to continue to create opportunities for all business owners in Bermuda regardless of the stage of business they are in.”

Mrs Smith stated: “BEDC is extremely pleased to have persons as talented and experienced as Jamillah and Raymond in these new Director positions.  We needed just the right professionals who have the passion for entrepreneurship, understand the inner workings of BEDC, and are committed and innovative in their approach to supporting entrepreneurship. I have had the pleasure of working with Jamillah and Raymond in their various held and acting roles within the organisation and they are perfect fits to help advance the BEDC forward.”

Mr Neville Grant, BEDC Board Chair added: “We are pleased to have to two of our existing staff members take on roles that not only help us to achieve our strategic direction, but roles that they are also uniquely qualified for.  We look forward to their continued contribution to the success of the Corporation”.

BEDC congratulates Jamillah Lodge and Raymond Lambert on their appointments as the Director of Communication and Development and the Director of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, respectively.

  • About BEDC: The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is Bermuda’s source of free, confidential business advice. The mission is to actively assist the development of a strong, well-managed and prosperous local business sector in Bermuda. The key objective of the BEDC remains providing a broad range of business advice, counsel and financial assistance to local businesses in Bermuda
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