When the Bermuda News Syndicate strikes again, this time we’re taking a look at Bermuda’s Crisis as a result of gang and gun violence. That coupled with the anti-social behaviour we’ve been seeing you might just ask how did we get here, to the point where some of our young black brothers are hell bent on killing each other. And even more you may ask how do the guns and ammunition get to Bermuda, and why the police can’t seem to find them – not in bulk anyway. Do we really have a Security Check point that’s serious enough to intercept guns? And how can we win back and prevent our youth from going down this path of self destruction?

Tune in and connect the dots, that’s with your’s truly at 11am this morning live in studio with Desmond Crockwell and Scott Smith…in another Bermuda News Syndicate in collaboration with Bermuda Real that’s keeping it REAL!

See you there!