Following a meeting with the Minister of Economic Development & Tourism, the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) affirmed a positive partnership in its work to support Bermuda-based companies and attract new business for economic growth.

BDA CEO Ross Webber sat down with the new Minister, Jamahl Simmons and his Permanent Secretary Randy Rochester at Ministry headquarters on Thursday.

“It was a productive meeting. The Minister was very positive about the BDA’s role,” said Mr Webber. “We agreed on the importance of close collaboration in our work to benefit all of Bermuda.”

The meeting included discussion about the agency’s funding, structure, and the best model for sustainability. They also discussed expanding the BDA’s regional business-development horizons to explore more geographic areas, in particular, the Middle East, China and other parts of Asia.

“We spoke about development of Bermuda’s banking infrastructure and the need for more banking options, as well as access to seed and venture capital and angel investors,” said Mr Webber. “Given the newly combined portfolios of Economic Development and Tourism under his Ministry, we also discussed expanding the synergies between tourism and business.”

The meeting also focused on the BDA’s comprehensive schedule of local and overseas industry conferences, roadshows and events – and the agency’s intent to include ministerial representation on many of these to showcase the jurisdiction’s strong collaboration between government, industry and regulators. Last year, the BDA  participated in a total of 62 conferences and events.

“The Minister advised we should continue unfettered, and be aggressive about getting the word out far and wide that Bermuda is indeed open for business,” Mr Webber said.

“On behalf of our BDA team, we are grateful for the Minister’s support and very much look forward to working with him and his Ministry.”

  • Photo Courtesy of BDA: Minister of Economic Development & Tourism Jamahl Simmons (left) speaks with BDA CEO Ross Webber