The Ministry of Public Works has issued a road traffic advisory for motorists this morning as a result of the BBA Team Trial Race.

Traffic controls will be in effect this morning (May 20) from 7:15am to 11am.


Commences at Harrington Sound Primary School parking lot heading west to the junction of Wilkinson Avenue, then travel in a northernly direction towards North Shore Road, then turn left on to North Shore Road and travel in a westerly direction along North Shore Road towards Flatts village, then stay left at the junction heading up the hill to turn left onto Harrington Sound Road.

Continue Harrington Sound Road and travel in easternly direction back to Harrington Sound Primary School.

All motorists are expected to use caution and avoid collision with race participants. The race route will be under Race Official control.

Motorists are asked to follow Race Official instructions to assist with traffic control for this event.

There will be no road closures to traffic while this bicycle race takes place, motorists are asked to use caution. They must also allow cyclists to participate and give way when directed by Police and Race Officials.

There will be no parking restriction for this bicycle race, and motorists are permitted to park in designated parking bays along any part of the race route. Additionally, motorists must not block the race route or impede the participants in the bicycle race.

The Bermuda Police Service are hereby authorized to “Close-Off” streets or portions of streets and authorize parking as the Commissioner of Police decides.