Bermuda’s own Nikki Bascome emerged victorious in a close unanimous decision to defeat Filipino Alvin Lagumbay at the Victualling Yard in Dockyard last night.

When it was all said and done, two judges scored the fight 77-75, the other – 78-74 in favour of Bascome.

Mixed views being posted on social media the day after questioning the decision.

One blogger wrote: “Nikki had to work very hard for this one. Lagumbay fought very well and yes very close match.

I was at the head table watching. And It was a very hard call it really could have gone either way. Nikki just happened land some beautiful contact punches that gave him the edge, in my opinion and from where I was sitting.”

Another blogger wrote: “Not impressed at all, time to have international judges at these fights.”

Ultimately, there were more accolades than criticism by Bermudian around the world extending congratulatory remarks following Bascome’s ninth win.

Either way, for organisers, it was a successful event with only general admission tickets left right before the event for what was dubbed: “The most anticipated fight of the year” in the ‘Fight Night Champion” line up.

The night included some of the “best of the best local boxers and Kickboxers under the stars with state-of-the-art electrifying lighting and audio in a festive atmosphere”.

The Boxing Youth Exhibition started at 6pm followed by the Fight Card Starts at 7pm.

General admission to sit on the bleachers were $65, Preferred Seating $75, and VIP seats for $150, which included secure parking, ringside seating, waiter service and an all access pass to the Official ‘Victory’ After Party VIP section at Snorkel Park.