National Security Minister Senator Jeff Baron today condemned the racist rant posted on his sister’s Facebook page that went viral on social media overnight.

In a statement issued this morning, Sen Baron insisted that he does not support discriminatory or racist comments.

“Last evening I was alerted to a post on my sister’s Facebook page and immediately called her to express my concern and disapproval of language and content on what was posted,” Sen Baron.

“I was outraged. I cannot control words and action of others. However, I can control my reaction to them – so I’ve quickly concluded that the best way for me to address this publicly is to be straightforward.

“I do not condone this type of divisive, hurtful language. I do not support discriminatory and/or racist comments. It has no place in our discourse, it’s not in my heart to feel this way.”

Meanwhile, the social media fallout continues as a result of Marisa Baron’s post which said: “I have never in my life wanted to just walk up and smack a stranger. It’s a shame that I am forced to keep my mouth shut, and smile at such ignorant, racist, fearmongering pieces of trash because of who I am.

“Well, not right now … you black people may think you run this island. Trust me, your stupidity is laughable. Just because you went into the bushes and came out with your inbred children ‘to get the votes’ does not mean you ‘run this country’.

“To make the playing field even, I will now talk to and about black people as they do me, that white girl … OK … what year is it? Ignorant f**ks!”

Later, another message posted on the same page claimed her account was hacked, with an apology, before the page was subsequently deleted.

The apology said: “An apology is in order. Just came on FB to some pretty unfriendly messages in response to a vile message posted on my page.

“If you know me, you’d know I’m not racist, but clearly someone wanted everyone to think I am.

“Note to self, learn to log off.

“Sorry for the post that came from my page, and to everyone it upset. This page is being deleted, as I’m not sure who else I’m apparently sharing my page with.”

A series of heated exchanges ensued online, and a copy of Ms Baron’s post was sent to her employer.

In his statement today, Sen Baron said as a Bermudian he cherishes Bermuda’s diversity.

“I am a father who teaches strong Bermudian values to my son, through actions and through words. I am a candidate and have a campaign that does not perpetuate – nor does it tolerate – divisive rhetoric.

“Lastly, and most importantly to me, this statement is not submitted as a result of a request or demand from anyone.

“I am submitting this personally because it is the right thing to do and I will continue to address any divisiveness from anyone in order to strengthen Bermuda.”

Although the Facebook page in question has been deleted, several other posts by Marisa Baron are being circulated via social media, including a link to an opinion column by Bryant Trew, with a photograph of Opposition leader David Burt, entitled ‘Hard to save face when party is put before country’. On that link, Ms Baron wrote on May 27th: “Great article! I can’t wait for the day this smug face and his ignorant followers wake the F**k up and see their bullying scare tactics are NOT the PROGRESSIVE way forward…… #sitdownplp.”

On another post published on June 1st, Ms Baron wrote: “I’ll say this for the next 5 years. I encourage ANY Bermudian to please message, call, or come see me with your story as to how you were Negatively impacted by the all Amazing events this summer, AC in particular. Please, anytime. I just wish the PLP and their ignorant followers would stop trying to spread lies, believing their own lies and preaching their lies and Negativity. SMH.”